New Canadian Passports (available in 2013)

New Canadian Passports (available in 2013)

Such a pity I had no choice but to renew my passport this spring 2012. These new Canadian passports will be available by 2013.

 What’s new:

  • Computer chip
    95 countries are already using this. We are quite behind, eh?
  • Patriotic Canadian images with security features! In order, these images will be featured:
  •   Symbols of the Aboriginal people on the page with next-of-kin details.  Samuel de Champlain, “father of New France” The Fathers of Confederation painting, a 1967 recreation of an iconic 1916 image by artist Robert Harris that was lost in a fire.

     The Last Spike, 1885, showing railroad director Donald A. Smith completing the Canadian Pacific Railway.

     A map of Canada’s North with an image of Canadian Arctic adventurer and explorer Captain Joseph-Elzéar Bernier.

     Images of the Prairies: a train, wheat, an oil rig.

     Halifax Harbour as the “historic gateway to Canada”

     Centre Block of Parliament in Ottawa

     Niagara Falls, Ontario

      Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France

     Quebec City, founded in 1608

     Old and new pictures of the RCMP

      The Grey Cup and the Stanley Cup superimposed over children playing pond hockey

      Pioneer feminist Nellie McClung and Marathon of Hope runner Terry Fox.

      A war montage: World War I flying ace Billy Bishop, infantry in the Korean War, World War II ship HMCS Sackville and the National War Memorial

      Cape Spear, Newfoundland and the sailing ship Bluenose

  • 2 passport [renewal] options:
    • 5 year passport = $120
      We are currently paying $82-97 for ours… :S
    • 10 year passport = $160
      Cheaper and convenient but you better hope you don’t have the most gangster/terrorist/ugly-looking pic on it!

Well, now I must wait 5 years for my new passport. Or, I suppose, until I get married and require a name change.

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