Disney’s 1st Latina Princess – Sofia

Disney‘s first Latina heroine, little Princess Sofia, will debut in a TV movie (“Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess”) on the Disney Channel on 18 November 2012, and will star in a TV series in 2013.

Disney’s Princess Sofia (Source: Buzzfeed)

Princess Sofia comes from a fictitious kingdom and is a biracial child (though she’s been referred to – incorrectly, according to Disney – as a Latina or Hispanic princess): she’s half-Enchanchian and half-Galdazian. According to one article, Disney stressed that they didn’t mean for her to be Latina but it just so happens that her mother has darker skin and comes from a fictitious place with Latin influences… Ok, so that makes her queen mother Disney’s 1st Hispanic royal and by default, she (Princess Sofia) is a Latina princess.

Princess Sofia with her queen mother (Source: Buzzfeed)

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