Once Upon A Time needs to do the Twelve Dancing Princesses!

It would make me very happy if OUAT (ABC’s Once Upon A Time) could do a The Twelve Dancing Princesses / Swan Lake / The Princess and the Pea story. How? This is what I’ve been envisioning in my head:

There are 12 princesses, daughters of a king from one of the fairytale kingdoms. Every night, they run off secretly to go dancing and return just before the rest of the castle awakes.

One day, as they are returning to the castle early in the morning, Rumpelstiltskin (or maybe the Evil Queen Regina – OR, at this point in the series, could very likely be Cora!) appears and transforms them into swans. However, the youngest being at the back in the shadows, is quickly warned by the eldest to run away as quickly as she can for help. Thus, only 11 were transformed into swans, and the eldest is the ‘Swan Queen’.

The youngest sister runs through the wilderness until she stumbles upon another castle in a different kingdom. It is a stormy night, and her fine clothes have been ruined by the rain and the thorns. Her hair is dishevelled and she’s splattered with mud, but she maintains her dignity.

She informs the Queen and her son that her sisters are in danger and, when asked to identify who she is, replies that she is a true princess. In order to test her, the Queen arranges to have a pea hidden under several mattresses for the princess to sleep on.

Throughout the night, the princess is unable to sleep properly, having always had sensitive skin. Her true royal identity proven the following morning, she asks the prince to help her break the curse.

I cannot think of how to continue the story, especially now that we’re in Season 2 and we’ve learned that there are still fairytale characters in other portals. Over the summer, I’d envisioned that Emma would break all curses, and that the sisters would be reunited with one another. I think it will be too late for that now so perhaps they can be stuck in one of the portals.

I’ll leave that to the creative writers, should they want to use this story – free of charge, of course! Just make my wish come true! 🙂

Readers and OUAT fans, what do you think? Please be honest – you can tell me how horrible it is too! 😛

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