How to wear a dirndl

What is a dirndl?

  • bodice (a short blouse that only partially covers the chest with a frilly neckline and typically, bell cupped sleeves)
  • dress (these dresses come with 2 pockets, hidden in the folds of the skirts, which are perfect if you do not want to carry around a purse)
  • apron (the apron string is very long because it is meant to be wrapped around the waist and tied in the front)
English: Dirndl with cording and green apron


When does one wear a dirndl?

During Oktoberfest (always) and sometimes during any other festivals, such as Starkbierfest (strong beer fest), Volksfest and Sommerfest (summer festival). In some parts of Bavaria, it is not uncommon for a(n elderly) woman to wear a dirndl all year round.

How does one wear a dirndl?

  1. Put the bodice on. Adjust how low or high you want the bodice to be with the string and tie a bow (then tuck it in – out of sight). In other words, how much cleavage do you want to show? 😛
  2. Put the dress on. Most of these dirndls have zippers in the front, if not buttons. The dirndl must be tight-fitting. If you can’t breathe (and the zipper hasn’t been busted), you’ve found the right size. 😛
  3. Wrap the apron strings around the waist once and tie it in the front:
    Are you single? Tie it on the left.
    Are you married (the wedding ring is on the right in Germany) or taken? Tie it on the right.
    Are you a widow? Tie it in the back.
    I wouldn’t advise tying your apron strings in the middle (in the front). It’s an awkward one because it’s for virgins (so I read) but who on earth is going to expose that information to the public!?

Now, go drink beer!

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