Last day of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Diamond Jubilee – 5 June

I awoke at 2am PST, just in time to see Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie enter St Paul’s.

I’d meant to wake up at 1:15 to give myself some time before CBC’s live broadcast at 1:30. I’d slept a few minutes before 1 and had, in fact, woken up at 1:15. No sooner as I’d turned off my alarm, I went back to sleep – then jolted myself awake at 2! I frantically rushed to my laptop on my desk, yanked it to my bed (so that I may stay warm) and quickly clicked around CBC to find the live stream. Must say it was rather difficult to find – but I’m glad I didn’t miss anything important.

Fashion opinion:

  • Queen Elizabeth wins for best colour – mint green. I don’t know why but I really like today’s choice!
  • Prince Charles wins for best dressed gentleman
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wins for best dress (by McQueen). Did not like Kate’s hat/fascinator – the flower is odd-looking and is too big.
  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wins for worst hat (don’t know why she insists on massive hats or fascinators that cover her hair and practically dominate her) and outfit (the ‘gold’ seems to outshine the Queen)

I napped 2x during the last day of the jubilee celebration. Once, while the royal family attended the reception. Again, while the royal family lunched at Westminster Hall. I probably should’ve left my laptop on so that it would wake me up when the live coverage was back. Sadly, I missed about 15-30min. of the post-luncheon and carriage procession. I woke up in time to see the royals in the 2 carriages, for which I was very grateful to myself!

Despite the enthusiasm from the crowds, it seemed like such a solemn procession. Not having Prince Philip on this day really changed the atmosphere.

It was, therefore, such a relief to see the Queen smile from the balcony a few times. I think she was very pleased to see the RAF Flypast. Because the last time I’d seen the royal family on the balcony was at the Royal Wedding in 2011, I kept expecting someone to kiss.

I wonder what people did after the celebrations were officially over that afternoon. They’re back to classes or work tomorrow!

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