Oh la lingerie!

Lingerie that’s good (quality), pretty and cheap?

1. Victoria’s Secret
Origin: American
Stores: N. America, UK, Europe
Orig. Price: bras ($40+ CAD), panties ($7-15+ CAD)
Sales: The best time to shop for bras and panties would be during the semi-annual sales. No other sale of theirs come close to the savings you’ll save during these sales!
Origin: Canadian
Stores: N. America, UK
Orig. Price: bras ($20-40 CAD), panties ($7-15 CAD)
Sales: La Senza Card (10th bra free); 3-5+ for $15/25/35 CAD (panties)*; see website for more
*Generally, better sales & selection
  1. La Vie en Rose
Origin: Canadian
Stores: N. America, Romania; some of Asia, Africa and Middle East
Orig. Price: bras ($20-40 CAD), panties ($10-20 CAD)
Sales: 3 or 5 for $15/25/30 CAD (panties); see website for more
  1. H&M
    Origin: Swedish
    Stores: All over
    Orig. Price: bras ($15-30 CAD); panties ($10-20 CAD)* usually sold in 3s
    Sales: seasonal/varies (see website or visit store for new sales) – 10/25/30/50% off
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