A Visit to Starnberger See

Weather: 23-24Cs
Visited: Starnberger See – Tutzing, Feldafing, Possenhofen

We spent this lovely Good Friday walking under the sun from the southern point of Starnberger See (Tutzing) until Possenhofen, where we were blocked from continuing onto Starnberg, due to a bomb scare.

It was very peaceful and clean around the lake. People were sunbathing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking…  When we finally reached Possenhofen, we walked around the perimetres of Schloß Possenhofen, childhood home of Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” of Austria. The palace is now privately owned though it did not specify its purpose. I saw two ladies sunbathing in the garden and another lady watering the flowers on the balcony. I wonder how many people live in there!

Back in Munich, there was an Orthodox (I thought it was Russian, recognising the “costumes” of the archbishop (?) and his assistants (?) from the Russian Orthodox Church – but it could have very well been Greek) service on Marienplatz with a square filled with the usual congregation and curious people (like me).

Overall, it was a quiet Friday, a perfect day for reflecting – for remembering what Christ did for all of us – past and present – so that we might live and love and learn.

Happy Good Friday to you!