Support Guardians of Royal Love!

What: Petition for Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s privacy – no to paparazzi
Who: YOU!

  • To “royalists/monarchists“: We don’t want a repeat of Lady Di’s tragic end, do we?
  • To “anti-monarchists“: Sick of reading about the royal family? Get the paparazzi to stop feeding you royal-related news!
  • To those who are apathetic: Just sign the petition – or pass it on!

Why: If you were born into the spotlight like your forefathers before you or if you were to marry someone famous, wouldn’t you want time to yourself/yourselves? Wouldn’t you hate to be followed and photographed constantly?

What to do: 

  • Please SIGN the petition!
  • Pass it on to your friends & acquaintances (or strangers) – not necessary

Website (sign the petition):
Facebook (updates & info):
Twitter (for updates):

Thank you! Danke! Merci! Gracias! Grazie! Obrigada! (And all the thank you’s in other languages!)

2 thoughts on “Support Guardians of Royal Love!

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