What happened to Christmas?

Every year there is less of Christmas around. The trees are bought, set up, and decorated with tinsel and ornaments. The presents are bought, wrapped and placed under the tree. The songs are playing, now quieter than usual, especially those traditional hymns of Christ’s birth.

But the meaning is not there.

I see greedy eyes and hands.
Vultures eyeing their precious prey and snatching it with their claws before the others can. Lists of desired items to ensure happiness and gratitude towards the givers.

I see bitter hearts.
The cold wind chilling their bones, blood and heart. Sorrowful and painful memories of unfair events and situations.

I see unsatisfied souls.
A cup with a hole at the bottom, unable to hold its contents. The more they want, the less they truly receive.

I see lonely eyes.
The poor sitting on cement, wishing to be heard and seen. The young and old shuffling slowly, wishing to have someone special to share this season with. And everyone who wishes to be understood.

What happened to hope, peace, joy and love?

You celebrate, because it is tradition?
You celebrate, because it is the time to decorate your home with a tree and beautiful greens and reds and sparkly items?
You celebrate, because it is the time to receive presents?
You celebrate, because it is the time to eat a hearty meal?
You celebrate, because it is the time to spend time with family and relatives?

For can you not celebrate everyday or more than once a year? We have 365 days – each chances and reasons to celebrate.

Why do you celebrate Christmas, do you know?

This Christmas,
I do not have a tree, though I have ornaments to decorate it.
I do not have money to buy presents for every friend and family member, though I have plenty of wrapping paper.

But still I celebrate Christmas. It’s the meaning I celebrate.
I celebrate the Gift given to all from century to century. I celebrate the One who loves, understands, and aids us. I celebrate the One who can turn greed into consideration, bitterness into happiness, dissatisfaction into fulfillment, and loneliness into companionship.

This Christmas,
I hope you see the blue in the sky on a grey day. Have HOPE.
I hope that you rest and be assured that all will be well. Have PEACE.
I hope that you remember all the good moments in life even when all else makes you sad. Have JOY.
I hope that you know how important your family and friends are, and that those around you are no different. Have LOVE.

These four I bless you, if you will accept what is freely given and desired for you.

Have a merry Christmas!


The problem with people during the economic crisis is that they cannot think of a creative way to live their lives. Instead, they complain of unattainable presents and the inability to please others. We live with an excess of THINGS that we can give to others. “It’s the thought that counts.”

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