Munich: 1€ Sunday Museums & Free Museums

Fact of the day: Halloween is a “new” event for the Germans. It is celebrated mainly by children and some young adults. Unlike in N. America, where one can choose to wear a scary or a fun costume, one would dress up in their scariest costume in Germany. Fun costumes – anything from being Cinderella to being a flower pot to a ‘one night stand’ – are for Fasching (carnival) in February (FYI: right before Lent!).
On Sundays (Sonntage) in Munich, most museum tickets (Eintrittskarte) cost 1€ (all ages). These museums are generally open between 10-18:00, though some are only opened till 17:00 or 17:30.
Have a look at the list of 1€ * (some if not all are now 2€ for adults) Sunday Museums (source:

If you want to save more money, you can visit the following museums for free (but please note the opening hours):

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