The Longest Saturday

Places visited: 5
Time: 14:00-24.00 (roughly)
Money spent: 17,50€

1. Der Tag der Öffnen Tur (“The Day of the Open Doors” – i.e. Open House) Bayerische (Bavarian) Parlament (Parliament)
Bayerischer Landtag

Open: 10-18:00* special free admission on this day! Usually closed to visitors!
Visited the rooms for the parties in the Bavarian parliament. Collected many free pens and sweets from all parties. Also received a gingerbread Herz from CSU (Christian Socialist Union – the Bavarian “version” of CDU: Christian Democratic Union); a pretzel box from FDP (free democratic party); pretzel from SPD (social democratic party). The parliament didn’t appear to be as big as our parliament in Victoria. I could be wrong though.

2. Das Bier-und Oktoberfestmuseum (Beer and Oktoberfest Museum)

Open: Tu-Sa 13-18:00; restaurant: 18-24:00
Price: 4€; 2,50€ discount
The museum is inside a 16th C. building (more or less) and takes up 2 floors. The restaurant is on the ground floor (and “basement). It is filled mostly with photos, old postcards, and some artifacts. If you like to see the interiors of Renaissance buildings and learn about how beer came about (*NO beer tour*), then visit it. Otherwise, visit the Münchner Stadtmuseum or Bayerisches Nationalmuseum.

3. Die Lange Nacht der Münchener Museen (The Long Night of Munich Museums)

Date: Sa 16 Oct 2010
Duration: 19:00-2:00
Price: 15€ (entry ticket to museums & transportation)

Museums visited:
a. Münchner Stadtmuseum (Munich City Museum)
Open: Tu-Su 10-18:00
 4/2€ (special exhibition: 6/3€)
The best part of the museum was the special Oktoberfest exhibition. Otherwise, most of what was in this museum could be found in the Bavarian Nat’l Museum (see below).

b. Bayerisches Nationalmuseum (Bavarian National Museum)
Open: Tu-Su 10-17:00; Th 10-20:00
5/4€; Su 1€!
If I loved the Hamburg Museum of History, then I love this museum even more! This museum was immense! B. and I had trouble deciding which hallway to enter after each room as there was no knowing if we would find the next option from the other room! If you have the time and want to study each artifact and admire the art all around you (the ceilings, the walls, the items inside glass cases), spend a day or half of it there. You certainly need more than 2-3 hours. B. and I were running short of time and were getting really tired so we had to rush through a lot.

c. BMW Museum
Open: 10-18:00
Price: 12/6€
As someone who really doesn’t fancy cars too much, I have to say I did find it rather fascinating, despite the fact that I was dead tired by the time we arrived (around 23.30 or midnight). The interior architecture makes you feel like you’re in an Apple world. Of course, I liked the cars dating back to the 30s, but even some of the newer cars looked really cool.

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