Schloß Nymphenburg

Price: 10€ for combo ticket; 8€ for students/ITYC
Duration: Self-guided tour about 3hrs
About: This palace was the summer residence of Bavarian kings and electors.

  • Museum apartments – one floor of halls, antechambers, and bedchambers
  • Marstallmuseum & Porzellansammlung – carriages, sleighs, horse gear & porcelain table/wall decoration, table ware, etc.
  • Amalienburg – built for Electress Amalie as a hunting lodge in the rococo style. Best known for its circular “hall of mirrors”.
  • Badenburg – basically the bath house or swimming pool. Some of the interiors are Chinese.
  • Pagodenburg – the smallest “home”, mainly a resting place for the royals after a game of something similar to croquet. The style is rococo á la chinoise.
  • Magdalenenklause – a place for religious meditation, built in the style of Italian monastic ruins. Grotto-styled chapel styled with reefs and shells (must have been extraordinarily colourful and white at one time).
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