Please STOP smoking!

Oh dear, all that smoke I’m inhaling again!

In my July 29th 2009 post, I had a list of things I missed about Germany and things I missed about Canada. Well, let me tell you what I miss about Canada (that I knew I would!):

  1. FREE WATER: Unending water refills, where art though? Well, it just means more beer consumption!
  2. Lipton chicken noodle soup: Mmm, nothing like lipton to warm you up when it starts getting cold. I forgot to bring some with me! Guess I’ll have to get Dad to mail some over!
  3. FEWER smokers: Oh what clean air we have in Canada. If cigarettes weren’t so cheap in Germany (2-3€ if not cheaper!), perhaps the air would be cleaner here. I wonder if the EU’s working on cutting smokers…But recently, I saw a banner fighting against a complete ban – “Stand up for your smoking rights!” it said. :S
  4. Friends & family: But of course, I shall always miss my family and friends around the world! I am glad to be back home in Germany though in truth, Heidelberg is more like home to me. So until I’m there, I’m not completely at home here in Munich.

What I’ve missed about Germany:

  1. Currywurst: One of the 1st things I rushed to eat. Mmm that sauce! 😉
  2. Recycling: Oh it’s so good to see these properly labelled and sorted bins! I know Vancouver’s trying but it really needs to get going!
  3. Cheap alcohol: And the fact that you can purchase them while grocery shopping. 😛
  4. German: Just to hear it all around me again!
  5. Transportation: The S-, U- bahns, the Straßenbahns, the buses… so efficient and punctual! 🙂
  6. BEAUTIFUL architecture: I’m just snapping away and pausing all the time to admire these Baroque styles.

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