Post 2010 Winter Games Depression

It’s Earth Hour today: 20.30-21.30
Don’t forget to turn off the lights (and unplug your cell phone chargers, laptop power cord, etc.)!

This week…
A flood of new tourists just arrived around Monday the 22nd. If Vancouver was fairly quiet during the Paralympics, it is now like summer!  Downtown is more populated and there are more street performers along Granville St.

Question of the Week: How are you feeling now that the Winter Games in Vancouver are over?
I have post-Winter Games depression.
Answer: There’s something missing. It’s not the tourists – they keep coming and they most likely will keep coming for the next year or so. It’s the vibrant atmosphere during the 2 weeks of the Olympics. It was the feeling of excitement. Of pride. Of patriotism. Just about everyone sported the red mittens. Now that spring is here and temperatures are rising, we’re putting our winter clothes away. The Winter Games are over. And now, we’re in a new chapter.
I miss the Paralympians — seeing what they could do and meeting many of them personally.
I miss the delegates and other staff — seeing them proud of their teams and getting a chance to chat with some of them.
I miss the fellow BLUE JACKETS – the SMURFS – the VOLUNTEERS — making new friends and sharing in the enthusiasm. There’s nothing like being a volunteer in your own country.

Next volunteering destinations:
2011: HALIFAX, NS – See you at the Canada Games!
2012: LONDON, ENGLAND – See you at the Summer Games!
2014: SOCHI, RUSSIA – See you at the Winter Games!

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