A Foreigner in Vancouver

I arrived in Vancouver on Monday, 21. Dec., at around 22h and got home about half an hour later. I didn’t end up sleeping right away. Instead, I unpacked and went to bed around 1am I think. Unless it was actually 2am?
On Tuesday, I unpacked some more then left the house around 15-16h to go shopping downtown.  The sky looked gloomy but I was certainly pleased to find that the temperatures weren’t as miserable as Kingston’s: -19C (Kingston) to 2C (Vancouver). ‘Twas paradise. 🙂 Really, this is what winter should be like. 😉  On the bus downtown, I was amazed that within 3 months, much had changed! It was then that I realised I would have to readjust to Vancouver ONCE AGAIN.


  • Holiday-related: There’s a giant menorah right by the tall Christmas tree in front of the Art Gallery
  • Georgia condo“: Still under construction, so why not cover up all the ugly stuff with a GINORMOUS Canadian flag?
  • Pacific Centre (mall): There’s no big Christmas tree under the dome! 😦
  • On Burrard St.: There’s Specer Diamonds & Yoga now in lieu of what was once Denny’s Place
  • London Drugs: lower level has expanded – it now also connects with HBC & Pacific Centre & the Canada Line stn.  Now you don’t have to go out in the cold at all!
  • HBC: There’s an Olympic Superstore! The Olympics section used to be about an eighth of the main floor. It now takes up around half. Of course, ’tis the season to go shopping & get all ready for the Olympics in Feb, so there are always long queues. Good thing is, they give out free reusable Olympic/HBC bags – even if your purchased item is a PIN!
  • Robson Square: The 2010 Commerce Centre is there, and there’s also a skating rink!

History to the importance of Pacific Centre Christmas tree:
6 years ago, Pacific Centre had a “Bard on the Beach” mannequin (i.e. actors) display around the mall.  One evening just when the shops were about to close, a 15 year old girl (aka me) was waiting for her Mum when she decided to check out the display under the dome and in front of the Christmas tree.  There were hardly any people sitting around, so I made my way quietly to view the tall, handsome man dressed up with a staff in his hand.  I looked down to read the plaque with the information on the character’s name and background before looking up once again at the mysteriously enchanting figure.  In that instant, he executed a perfect bow of great respect and I knew, I had been enchanted by Oberon, the Fairy King.

Never saw him again though, and they never did that wonderful display again either. 😦
*Poem of this story can be found on facebook!

So I realised today that I should’ve bought a pair of the red Olympic mittens yesterday (there were L & S), because they didn’t stock up today. L would’ve fit me but I wanted an M. 😛 Oh well, they should be restocked some time soon… Wouldn’t it be nice if it were mandatory for volunteers to have a pair? 😉

At least I’m done my Christmas shopping today. =) Now I just have to wait for Boxing Day for reduced prices on everything! =D
And that’s all for now! You can also keep yourself updated through Twitter: roseofeurope

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