Tour 1: Prague Castle

How quickly my fears dispelled after this day. And what a long day it was too! It’s getting close to bedtime and I still need to pack up before I move out early tomorrow morning (then check-in to my new hostel, Prague Square, in the Old Town, and join a tour group for a city of Prague tour). That said, I won’t go into detail about what I did or saw today. I joined a tour (once again, only attendee) for the Prague Castle – St. Vitus Cathedral – Palace Grounds. “Prague Castle” is enormous. Thank goodness the ticket is valid for 2 days – so I’ll be back there tomorrow to finish off what I didn’t have time to visit today.

While walking around the art gallery inside the Convent of St. George, I wondered what I was planning to ‘gain’ from touring so many museums, art galleries, palaces, cathedrals, as well as attending the operas and ballets. At the moment, I do this as a hobby – and what better place to do all of these but in Europe? Some people make scrapbooks from their travels. But then I thought, ‘I want to share these experiences, to promote them, rather than have them stuffed on a shelf or buried in my “Memory boxes”.’ So, I’ve decided that I shall – sooner or later – try to write posts for each event or place. Not just what I did and where I visited that day but interesting facts, recommendations, dislikes, etc. A “tourism” blog. Now that I’ve thought of that, I’m wondering if I should become a tour guide, a travelling agent, or a “travel” journalist. It would make all these accumulating costs so much more worthwhile if they had a purpose.