Greetings from Prague!

Dear readers,

Just letting you know that I am alive and well. I am staying at Plus Prague hostel in an 8-bed girls’ dorm; however, I am the only occupant of this ensuite dorm at the moment. Low season, see. I shall be here ’til Monday morn. It’s quite nice and the staff are really friendly and helpful. I arrived in Prague close to half 9. Was a bit lost since few signs were in English (or German for that matter). Eventually found the tram station but didn’t have any change to buy a ticket. Hence, I got on the tram without a ticket. Luckily, it was only one stop away. I found my hostel not long afterwards and was amazed by its size. It looked like a hotel and in fact, it has hotel facilities such as a sauna (which I used this morn) and a swimming pool (which happens to be closed for maintenance). I awoke around 8am (haven’t done that in ages!) and had breakfast at the restaurant behind the hostel. It was 75CZK for a continental breakfast! And I was the only diner for a while until the rest of the [few] travellers came in. Although just about all the staff speak English, the cleaning helpers don’t. One kept speaking to me in Czech and the only thing I could “understand” (and communicate) was that I am the only occupant of this room and I haven’t a clue as to where the blanket of the bunk across from mine is. Still, she was very nice and yet I felt bad that I could not even say “hello, goodbye,” or “thank you”. I’ve found a site with them though:
Hello: Dobrý den!
Goodbye: Na shledanou!
Thank you: Děkuji
Excuse me: S dovolením
Sorry: Promiňte

And the next time I am approached in Czech, I can say: Nemluvím česky (I don’t speak Czech)/Nerozumím (No comprendo).
Reminder: Must learn hello and thank you in Polish for Krakau trip!

In the late afternoon, I headed out to get more money (and some food). This was done at the Holesovice (my station from last night), and though it was daytime, it was still sketchy. In that moment, I wished I weren’t alone. Made it back to the hostel safe and sound (without being pickpocketed) and am here now, closeted in the dorm.

It is now 21h and I should try to plan for my next few days. I feel much better too!

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