Sunday is a Day of Rest

In Germany (or at least in Heidelberg), just about everything is closed on Sundays. Only a handful of cafes remain opened (Starbucks, for example). This explains why Saturday is probably the most crowded day of the week when everyone rushes to the shops and markets to buy the necessities needed for the week[end]. Sunday is a great day to just enjoy nature and the sound of the tolling church bells… and to reflect on everything that’s happened in your life so far.

This weekend, I got to visit two residences in the Studentenwohnheim area. I realised then that I had been given one of the best residences. It’s new; there are elevators; it’s quiet; pretty clean; I get a balcony; surrounded by trees; I have direct internet connection. Furthermore, there’s a zoo and gym (as well as a riding stable) in the vacinity. So then I realised that God had given me the best and I was just being a spoiled brat thinking that I had been completely forgotten. However, this doesn’t mean that I’m entirely content to stay here for a year – I’d like to be in the Altstadt for the summer semester. 😉

I’ve also learned to be grateful with what I have in Canada. Fresh clean water that you can drink out of the tap, for example, without worrying about the culk/calk (sp?) that’s in it. Drinking water that you can get for free without having to pay for the water and the bottle. And finally, our CLEAN AIR in Vancouver. No [cigarette] ashes blown about so that by the end of the day, you smell like you’ve smoked your whole life.

I walked into my room today and thought, ‘How odd. I remember I had a fresh-smelling room. Now it smells awful – esp. the wardrobe!’ I just pulled out a top that I wore yesterday and smellt the cigarette ashes from the party last night. As if having to bear with that dreadful smell wasn’t hard enough – now I get to carry that scent with me ’til it’s washed.

Now of course, you can say that I should just avoid places where people would smoke – and this, by the way, is not just OUT in the public but INSIDE places like pubs/clubs. I am lucky though, for when I show my GREAT DISTASTE of smoking, the boys immediately offer to smoke elsewhere. Thank you. =) STILL. It’s so UNFAIR that second-hand smoking is WORSE than being the smoker. >=( Why should I bear the consequences?

Ach! No wonder I’m ill! Unpredictable weather + calk water + smoke = bad coughs. That’s just my theory.

Reflections aside, we went to the No. 1 Brauerei (brewery) this afternoon and got to drink all the different kinds of beer offered for 5 euros within an hour! And the hot Brezels (pretzels) were delicious! We were given a free special looking glass too – and I managed to snuggle one bottle of grapefruit semi-alcoholic ‘juice’.

Das ist alles! That’s all for now!

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