Grüß Gott! (Munich)


Place: München, Bayern, Deutschland
City Motto: “München mag dich” (Munich likes you)
Age: 850 years (1158-2008)
Main religion: Roman Catholic
City colours: black & gold
Popular football club: FC Bayern München (a.k.a. Virginia’s favourite football team)
Interesting fact: München comes from Old German “Mönche” (monks)
Famous for: Oktoberfest

Grüß Gott! (“Greet God” – a salutation used in Southern Germany in place of “Guten Tag (good day/hello)”)

I arrived safe and sound in Frankfurt yesterday morning. I did not sleep a wink during the 7 hour flight but rather, spent most of the flight watching movies. It was a little funny to hear German all around me and to remember that these German-speakers are not tourists but native Germans. I was glad to have Stephanie with me; without her, I would’ve been completely lost. It’s pretty tough to converse in German when the native speakers answer your questions so quickly that your face immediately displays this -> :S
Luckily for us, we were able to communicate half in German and half in English – but that’s Frankfurt Int’l Airport. 😉

I hopped onto the ICE train to Munich at 9.30 and accidentally got on the 1st class car – only to realise a little later that I was supposed to be in 2nd class. There were so many businessmen and I felt pretty bad when my luggage would roll over their shoes or bump their arms. But the word that I’m thankful for is “Entschuldigung!” (excuse me/sorry). I certainly used that word about a million times yesterday – esp. when I arrived at the Munich Hauptbahnhof (the main train station) where it was absolutely crowded. I was so tired when I arrived at my aunt’s house that I fell asleep after having a late lunch. In fact, my 3-hour-intended nap turned out to have lasted about 7 hours, for I awoke at around 22.00 (10pm) to find that it was pitch black outside. Jet-lags. =/

It’s a beautiful morning in Munich and now I have some errands to do!

Ciao! Servus! (I am your servant)

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