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Beauty Lifestyle

Perfect Beautiful Body? That should be Everyone!

Dear readers, I’m terribly sorry I didn’t post this last week! I’d like to conclude last week’s National (or International) Eating Disorders Awareness Week theme with a campaign to change the body image, also known as “All Body Types Awareness“! 😀 I never understood why each decade or century, in different cultures, there would only …



  Today’s post is dedicated to anti-bullying, which includes victims of eating disorders (as part of NEDA week). In the middle of October 2012, most Vancouverites and other Canadians read the tragic story about 15-year-old Amanda Todd, a girl who had been bullied and who eventually took her own life on 10 October 2012. Since …


International Day of the Girl

History has been made today (10/11/12, if you go by mm/dd/yy) with the 1st International Day of the Girl [Child]. Equal opportunity for girls is good for all of us. Girls throughout the world face higher rates of violence, poverty, discrimination. In Canada, girls have higher rates of depression, sexual harassment and dating violence. There …


Support Guardians of Royal Love!

What: Petition for Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s privacy – no to paparazzi Who: YOU! To “royalists/monarchists“: We don’t want a repeat of Lady Di’s tragic end, do we? To “anti-monarchists“: Sick of reading about the royal family? Get the paparazzi to stop feeding you royal-related news! To those who are apathetic: Just sign the …