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The Oktoberfest…Citizen?…!;
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The Oktoberfest…Citizen?…!

Oktoberfest special menu from Red Robins

I saw this on the special menu from Red Robins on Robson & Thurlow (Vancouver, BC) on Wednesday. Quite funny for me and any German speaker.

Anglophones love to add umlauts to words to make it more German. They’re always dotting the u’s! However, what’s funny is that they don’t pronounce it any different! To them, adding the umlaut to ‘burger’ will still be pronounced ‘burger’, except everyone will say, ‘Look, it’s (or it looks) German!’

Yogen Früz, however, makes sense (although apparently, it is supposed to mean ‘yogurt frozen’ lit.) – if you pronounce Früz correctly. (No, Früz is not German for fruit. Pronounce the ‘u’ the French way and the ‘z’ as ‘ts’ and it sounds like fruit[s], doesn’t it?)

If Anglophones were to pronounce Bürger the way it is, a German speaker would understand you to mean [a male] citizen. Hence, this menu is talking about the Oktoberfest citizen. But where is he? All I see is a burger! (A buger is ein Burger in informal German.)