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Mixed Royals

I’m starting this month with a Mixed-Month-May post! Many (girls and women) have often asked if it would be possible for a prince or king to marry someone of ‘visible minority’. Of course, it always depends on the royal member but interracial unions have taken place in the past century (I’m sure it’s centuries too) and …

World of Costume

Dido Elizabeth Belle, The Mixed-Race Aristocrat

You may have already seen the trailer back in October 2013 and have tried to find out more information on the little-known mixed-race aristocrat named Dido Elizabeth Belle. Perhaps like many mixed-race people, I found the announcement of this upcoming period drama too good to be true. Not only is there a movie on a real …

Halloween Cultural Costumes (My Thoughts);
Lifestyle, World of Costume

Halloween Cultural Costumes (My Thoughts)

Continuing on with my last post, the following is my personal thoughts and do not represent what other people of my background or those who share similar experiences think. About Me First of all, I’m a mixed kid with tanned skin, Asian eyes but multi-brown (many shades) hair. Some know I’m mixed, others see an …

The Controversional Halloween Costume Checklist;
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The Controversional Halloween Costume Checklist

A few years ago, while I was still in university, there was an article in our student newspaper on racist costumes. There had been some costumes I’d seen that I would definitely question but others that I felt were fine, though I knew that other people would find it too racist or controversial. The suggestion …