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Afternoon Tea at London Heritage Farm (Steveston)

I’ve been meaning to blog about my visit to the London Heritage Farm in Steveston since summer 2012! Since I’ve been blogging about afternoon tea lately, I thought I’d continue with one of my favourite places in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA). Afternoon Tea My friend and fellow-Oncer, Tess, whom I had mentioned in my …

Activities in Vancouver for the Old-Fashioned and the Cultural Lovers;
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Activities in Vancouver for the Old-Fashioned and the Cultural Lovers

Last year, I ranted about how Vancouver, BC, Canada is not for the old-fashioned. We’re a true misfit and minority if we love heritage buildings (by my terms, I mean protected and unprotected historically ‘old’ buildings), vintage and antique clothing, antiques, operas, plays, ballets (with costumes fitting the eras), and period dramas. In 2011, I dreaded …

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Belles & Whistles at the Westcoast Railway Heritage Museum

As the 75th anniversary of the first [British] royal [family’s] visit to Canada fast approaches, I thought I would share this belated post on the historical fashion show that Ivan Sayers presented at the Westcoast Railway Heritage Museum in Squamish, BC on 20 April 2013. Royal History King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Canada for the …

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Dido Elizabeth Belle, The Mixed-Race Aristocrat

You may have already seen the trailer back in October 2013 and have tried to find out more information on the little-known mixed-race aristocrat named Dido Elizabeth Belle. Perhaps like many mixed-race people, I found the announcement of this upcoming period drama too good to be true. Not only is there a movie on a real …

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SMOC: Wet-Coast Rainwear fashion show

I’ve been meaning to post on my modelling gigs for Ivan Sayers’ historical fashion lectures but keep putting it off. I thought I’d start posting this week, starting with today’s Wet-Coast Rainwear fashion show at Hycroft Manor (the home of the University Women’s Club of Vancouver). Who could have predicted that it would be so …


Hudson’s Bay Company Vancouver Store Celebrates 100 Years

Today, 14 March 2014, marks the 100th anniversary of the Hudson’s Bay Company Vancouver flagship store [opening] on Granville & Georgia. I dropped by for a brief 15 minute visit to the HBC store in Downtown Vancouver to take in the celebrations. I made it just in time for the cake cutting in the middle of …

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Overview of Period Dramas 2013/2014

Here’s a list of current and upcoming period dramas with release dates and summaries for this year (2013) and next (2014)! Update: Please check Period Dramas 2014 and Upcoming Period Dramas 2015-Future for a list of period dramas from 2014 onwards. Don’t forget that you can see the complete lists of period dramas in the Movies and TV …

Vancouver is not a city for Old-fashioned Souls;

Vancouver is not a city for Old-fashioned Souls

If you love history and heritage buildings, you will be a heartbroken person in Vancouver, BC. The charming old buildings and houses that are not protected with heritage plaques might soon disappear from the neighbourhoods. If you don’t have the money to purchase the house or building, or if you are too slow, you should quickly …