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Bernhard Schlink: Being German is a huge burden (My Thoughts);

Bernhard Schlink: Being German is a huge burden (My Thoughts)

Bernhard Schlink: Being German is a huge burden (My Thoughts)

“Naturally, we have an everlasting responsibility for the crimes of national-socialism, for the victims of World War II, and above all, for the Holocaust…

“We must clearly say, generation after generation, and say it again: with courage, civil courage, each individual can help ensure that racism and anti-Semitism have no chance…

“We’re facing our history, we’re not hiding anything, we’re not repressing anything. We must confront this to make sure we are a good and trustworthy partner in the future, as we already are today, thankfully.” – Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel: Holocaust guilt is ‘everlasting’ (

Bernhard Schlink is the author of The Reader (Der Vorleser). This is related to my last German paper (equivalent to a ‘thesis’ that I never had to write) on German ‘guilt’ that seems to still go on, 67 years after the war. I’m aware that there are some [younger] Germans (citizens and those with the heritage) who’ve never felt any ‘guilt’ over the dark past (WWII, Holocaust) nor have they been called ‘Nazis’ as a joke. Despite the fact that my German relations were not involved with the Nazis (to the best of my knowledge), I’ve somehow carried this guilt in me, since I was 9 (or around the time I learned about WWII), for a number of reasons: 1) I’m very proud of Germany and anything to do with it; 2) my grandparent grew up in Nazi Germany; 3) I love history and war films constantly remind me of the past; 4) because of my close connection with the elderly, I feel remorse for anyone non-German who grew up during WWII.
Because of this ‘guilt’, I’ve always felt that I owe it to everyone to make sure that such a horrendous crime would never happen again and will do everything I can to help the victims of racism. In some ways, I’m trying to give Germany a new slate. One cannot erase the past, but one can start anew.

Euro 2012: Germany vs Greece – it’s about the €, not just Football!;

Euro 2012: Germany vs Greece – it’s about the €, not just Football!

Today, Germany will be playing Greece in the Euro 2012 QFs and many have already assumed Germany will beat Greece (I’m still nervous because that’s just me though I have faith in my team and trust they’ll make it to the semis). However, there have already been a flood of GERGRE / Greece / Grexit …

A Visit to Starnberger See;
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A Visit to Starnberger See

Weather: 23-24Cs Visited: Starnberger See – Tutzing, Feldafing, Possenhofen We spent this lovely Good Friday walking under the sun from the southern point of Starnberger See (Tutzing) until Possenhofen, where we were blocked from continuing onto Starnberg, due to a bomb scare. It was very peaceful and clean around the lake. People were sunbathing, swimming, …

Asking for Forgiveness: A Visit to a Russian Orthodox Church;
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Asking for Forgiveness: A Visit to a Russian Orthodox Church

I visited the Russian Orthodox church in Munich this evening. I learned quite a bit from my colleague about: the significance of the church’s foundations/location (alter faces the east because that’s where the sun rises; we the people come from the west) signing/crossing oneself (3x, then bowing or touching the ground) kissing the icons (or …