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Dachau, the Father of Concentration Camps;

Dachau, the Father of Concentration Camps

Dachau Altstadt is said to be a beautiful medieval/Renaissance/Baroquue town, but I didn’t have time for it this time. Unlike at Auschwitz, visitors to Dachau Concentration Camp do not have to be led by a tour guide but rather, go independently with an audio guide (which wasn’t even necessary, in the end). There weren’t very many tourists for …

Film Recommendation: Goethe!;
World of Costume

Film Recommendation: Goethe!

Released: 14. Okt. 2010 Cast: Johann W. von Goethe – Alexander Fehling Charlotte (Lotte) – Miriam Stein Albert Kestner – Moritz Bleibtreu Length: 99 min. My rating: *****/5 😀 Synopsis: The true story behind Goethe’s best-selling novel The Sorrows of Young Werther (Die Leiden des jungen Werthers), regarding Goethe’s earlier years and his love affair with Charlotte B.  Comical mostly except …

Toytown Germany;

Toytown Germany

Your recommendation du jour is… Toytown Germany “Germany’s English-speaking crowd” Help for Jobs, Events, Accom, etc. in: Berlin Munich Frankfurt Hamburg Other misc. cities Recently I’ve been consulting this site to see their recommendations for jobs and accom and even local Irish pubs to go to. Although I am still jobless and permanent-home-less (residing …

Ich hab’ mein Herz in DEUTSCHLAND gelassen…;
Heidelberg, Travel

Ich hab’ mein Herz in DEUTSCHLAND gelassen…

S.O.S.! I am experiencing Reverse Culture Shock… in my HOMELAND! =O For a girl who’s travelled all her life, lived in 3 continents, 5 countries, 6 cities, innumerable homes, and attended 3 different educational systems, 9 schools, and 2 universities (in 3 different locations), I really should be used to this. What I miss about …

Post-Exchange: An Unpleasant Return to Vancouver;
Heidelberg, Travel, Vancouver

Post-Exchange: An Unpleasant Return to Vancouver

Meine liebe Freunde in Europa, My dear friends in Europe, zuerst muss ich sagen, dass ich euch VIEL vermisse! Die letzten Tage in Deutschland waren sehr chaotisch… Ich war in Muenchen von 24-26. Am 26. war ich wieder in Heidelberg, um mehr zu packen & zu putzen. Ich hatte um 3.30 geschlafen; am 27. war …