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My Cinderella Costume for the With Dignity Masquerade Ball

Last Saturday, 2 November, was Beauty Night Society’s With Dignity Masquerade Ball (sponsored by Smell This! Aromatherapy & Derma Bright Clinic) at the Heritage Hall. We don’t get very many opportunities to dress up in costume at our age, nor do we get to hide behind pretty masks very often, so it was a wonderful event to …

Pinterest Beauty Reviews: ACV Treatments (Part 2) & Sour Cream Mask;

Pinterest Beauty Reviews: ACV Treatments (Part 2) & Sour Cream Mask

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse.) I’m excited to share three Pinterest reviews to you today! I started the Apple Cider Vinegar (hereforth referred to as ACV) cleanse last Wednesday, drinking the awful-tasting beverage before every meal every day. (Please see the last post for instructions.) I then picked the ACV + Tea Tree …

Charity Spotlight: Operation Christmas Child;

Charity Spotlight: Operation Christmas Child

This Christmas, I’m not buying any presents for my friends or family. I’m not being selfish. Christmas isn’t about shopping or going broke or the absolute necessity of having to get something for someone. My friends and family will still get their Christmas cards, however. That is a part of me, through my writing, that …