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Happy National Aboriginal Day (Canada)!

Today, 21 June, is National Aboriginal Day in Canada. It is a day to celebrate Canada’s (or Turtle Island – for all of North America) Indigenous culture (read more here). This year, the National Aboriginal Day celebrates its 20th anniversary. Out of the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada, only the Northwest Territories celebrates the …


Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Colonialism Day?

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers and readers! I hope all of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving meal with family and/or friends! I found this illustration through one of my friends’ friend about the first ‘Americans’ who arrived at Plymouth Rock. This comic deals with history, politics, integration, racism, and prejudice. Isn’t …

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Recycling your Rubbish

One realises how much rubbish is accumulated in Canada when one spends a year in Germany. After sorting rubbish into paper, packaging (incl. bottles; rarely does a “packaging” not fall in this category), and glasses, one is left with very little for “rubbish”. If there is biodegradable composting, there really is almost nothing in the …


Please STOP smoking!

Oh dear, all that smoke I’m inhaling again! In my July 29th 2009 post, I had a list of things I missed about Germany and things I missed about Canada. Well, let me tell you what I miss about Canada (that I knew I would!): FREE WATER: Unending water refills, where art though? Well, it …