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Charity Spotlight: Beauty Night Society

Happy National Volunteer Week, Canada! One of the many things I miss about Vancouver is volunteering at Beauty Night Society. I miss seeing the familiar faces of the women (participants) waiting at the round tables for the volunteers to arrive. I miss the conversations we’d have about anything and everything, from the lovely/awful weather to the miraculous …


Birthday Fundraising Page Launch

Dear wonderful readers near and far,

I have finally updated my Birthday Fundraising Page for the BCCHF (British Columbia Children’s Hospital Foundation). 🙂 Please take a look at my birthday fundraising page for more information.


I have temporarily set the goal at $2,500 CAD but I am hoping we will be able to raise more than that amount by the end of this year. The BCCHF has a goal of $200 million and is currently $32 mi. short. Construction of the new hospital is set to begin in January 2014 so there’s little time left. The BCCHF serves the one million children of BC and the Yukon. I was one of the babies born in the hospital and I would like to give back this year by helping them fundraise.

Please Support BC Children´s Hospital Foundation

Even if you do not live in BC or Canada, your donation is greatly appreciated! International donations are accepted and depending on your government’s policy, you might even receive tax credits! Canadians, our donations are tax-deductible. 🙂

Quite often, we take life for granted and don’t realise that surviving childhood and reaching adulthood is a miracle. So let’s help other children on their journey and make sure that they will have a healthier and brighter future. 🙂

Many thanks in advance for your generous contribution!

Your blog hostess,


Charity Spotlight: Operation Christmas Child;

Charity Spotlight: Operation Christmas Child

This Christmas, I’m not buying any presents for my friends or family. I’m not being selfish. Christmas isn’t about shopping or going broke or the absolute necessity of having to get something for someone. My friends and family will still get their Christmas cards, however. That is a part of me, through my writing, that …