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Der Ball der Vampire

Der Ball der Vampire;

35th Vampire Ball in Heidelberg Date: Samstag, 21. Februar, 2009 Time: 20.30-3.00 Place: Stadthalle/Kongresshalle (City Hall) Code of dress: Costume (gothic, vampire, etc.) What a night! It was K.’s birthday, and we celebrated it at a ball! This was our first ball (though it was more like a Faschings party, Halloween/Vampire-themed). I had been inside …


Schwetzingen Schloßgartens

Schwetzingen Schloßgartens;

Schloss Schwetzingen Summer residence of Elector Carl Theodor Interesting fact: Gardens were based on the examples of Versailles Today, instead of lessons, we had an excursion to Schwetzingen to visit the Schlossgartens (palace gardens) there. It is extensive! Hence, we could visit only right side of the gardens, and of it, only half too. Unfortunately, …


OBW Weekend in Konstanz

OBW Weekend in Konstanz;

Place: Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Original name: Constantia (Latin) after Emperor Constantius Chlorus Geographical fact: borders Switzerland, separated by Lake Constance Interesting fact: NOT BOMBED b/c city left its lights on at night (WWII), thus fooling the Allied forces in thinking that it was Switzerland! University: University of Konstanz (1966) URL: www.konstanz.de Site of: Konstanzer Münster …

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Grüß Gott! (Munich)

Grüß Gott! (Munich);

Place: München, Bayern, Deutschland City Motto: “München mag dich” (Munich likes you) Age: 850 years (1158-2008) Main religion: Roman Catholic City colours: black & gold Popular football club: FC Bayern München (a.k.a. Virginia’s favourite football team) Interesting fact: München comes from Old German “Mönche” (monks) Famous for: Oktoberfest Grüß Gott! (“Greet God” – a salutation …