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Review: Mikhailovsky’s Swan Lake

Review: Mikhailovsky’s Swan Lake;

On Friday night, I skipped ballet class to see Mikhailovsky Ballet’s Swan Lake at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and I am in love with the performance! Check out the link for photos, as well as a video, of the sets & costumes!

Odette/Odile: Oksana Bondareva
Prince Siegfried: Victor Lebedev

Oksana was a beautifully talented Odette! The way she moved her head and body made it seem as if she were truly a swan queen – swan by day, princess by night. Of course, it’s her role as Odile that captured our attention. I counted 21 fouettes (but there may have been more) that she executed with perfection, applauded by the entire audience that she came to the front of the stage to “ballet curtsy” us. 🙂

It was such a pity, however, that there were not enough attendees. I am quite certain it is because the majority of Vancouverites are unaware that one can buy 1/2 price tickets from Tickets Tonight on the day of the performance. Mine was around $35 and I got to sit in the middle of the balcony. 🙂 It was certainly a delightful treat to see one of my favourite ballets for the 2nd time (my 1st time was 10 years ago, when the St Petersburg or National Ballet of Russia performed in Taipei).


Last day of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Last day of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations;

Diamond Jubilee – 5 June

I awoke at 2am PST, just in time to see Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie enter St Paul’s. I’d meant to wake up at 1:15 to give myself some time before CBC’s live broadcast at 1:30. I’d slept a few minutes before 1 and had, in fact, woken up at 1:15. No sooner as I’d turned off my alarm, I went back to sleep – then jolted myself awake at 2! I frantically rushed to my laptop on my desk, yanked it to my bed (so that I may stay warm) and quickly clicked around CBC to find the live stream. Must say it was rather difficult to find – but I’m glad I didn’t miss anything important.

Fashion opinion:

  • Queen Elizabeth wins for best colour – mint green. I don’t know why but I really like today’s choice!
  • Prince Charles wins for best dressed gentleman
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wins for best dress (by McQueen). Did not like Kate’s hat/fascinator – the flower is odd-looking and is too big.
  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wins for worst hat (don’t know why she insists on massive hats or fascinators that cover her hair and practically dominate her) and outfit (the ‘gold’ seems to outshine the Queen)

Where can I watch NHL when I’m not in North America?

Where can I watch NHL when I’m not in North America?;

I may be the girl in a dress but I can be a diehard sports fan when it comes to hockey and football (soccer). I wouldn’t miss out on hockey just because I’m in Europe! Link: MyP2P.eu (ice hockey) * FREE (no need to register)! * doesn’t cut out as easily Instructions: click on the TV  …


Oh la lingerie!

Oh la lingerie!;

Lingerie that’s good (quality), pretty and cheap? 1. Victoria’s Secret Origin: American Stores: N. America, UK, Europe Orig. Price: bras ($40+ CAD), panties ($7-15+ CAD) Sales: The best time to shop for bras and panties would be during the semi-annual sales. No other sale of theirs come close to the savings you’ll save during these sales! 2. La Senza Origin: Canadian Stores: N. …

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A Visit to Starnberger See

A Visit to Starnberger See;

Weather: 23-24Cs Visited: Starnberger See – Tutzing, Feldafing, Possenhofen We spent this lovely Good Friday walking under the sun from the southern point of Starnberger See (Tutzing) until Possenhofen, where we were blocked from continuing onto Starnberg, due to a bomb scare. It was very peaceful and clean around the lake. People were sunbathing, swimming, …


My Favourite Clothing Stores

My Favourite Clothing Stores;

Where do I buy my clothes? H&M Brand origin: Swedish Price: affordable-cheap Sales: frequent; cheap Stores: All over Style: elegant, chic, “modern” Good for: work, parties, casual Zara Brand origin: Spanish Price: pricey-affordable Sales: biannual-often; affordable, cheap Stores: All over Style: elegant, chic, casual Good for: work, parties, casual Orsay Brand origin: ? Price: affordable-cheap Sales: 4x a year? Stores: Europe Style: feminine, chic, “modern” Good for: work, parties, casual Le Chateau …

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‘Where are you from?’ – The Dreaded Question for TCKs

‘Where are you from?’ – The Dreaded Question for TCKs;

Where do you come from? How often I have been asked that since childhood. As a child (i.e. until I turned 15 and spent more time in my homeland, Canada), it was a question I had NO idea how to answer. And how could I, having been born in one country, then moved to another, …


Support Guardians of Royal Love!

What: Petition for Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s privacy – no to paparazzi Who: YOU! To “royalists/monarchists“: We don’t want a repeat of Lady Di’s tragic end, do we? To “anti-monarchists“: Sick of reading about the royal family? Get the paparazzi to stop feeding you royal-related news! To those who are apathetic: Just sign the …

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Asking for Forgiveness: A Visit to a Russian Orthodox Church

Asking for Forgiveness: A Visit to a Russian Orthodox Church;

I visited the Russian Orthodox church in Munich this evening. I learned quite a bit from my colleague about: the significance of the church’s foundations/location (alter faces the east because that’s where the sun rises; we the people come from the west) signing/crossing oneself (3x, then bowing or touching the ground) kissing the icons (or …