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My 1st Visit to the Hastings Races

Today was my 1st visit to the Hastings Races at the Hastings Racecourse. The special event today was the BC Derby and men and women were encouraged to dress up to participate in this year’s BC Best Dressed Contest. I was contestant 95 out of who-knows-how-many (perhaps 100?) and wore the following: – black chiffon-like …

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Happy 145th Birthday Canada!

It’s a new month and Canada has just turned 145 years old (1 July 1867). This year marks the 200th anniversary of the start of the War of 1812 (it ended 2 years later with the burning of the White House. Now you know why it’s white – we burnt it so badly! Want it …


Tea-infused Cocktails at Urban Tea Merchant

This evening, I attended Y.E.S! Vancouver‘s Garden Tea Party at the Urban Tea Merchant, which is located on Alberni St, between Bute and Burrard. The event cost $15, which included 1 free tea-infused cocktail and 4 appetiser samples. There was also a special gift with purchase offer (goodie bag with instructions on making tea-infused cocktails …

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Review: Mikhailovsky’s Swan Lake

On Friday night, I skipped ballet class to see Mikhailovsky Ballet’s Swan Lake at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and I am in love with the performance! Check out the link for photos, as well as a video, of the sets & costumes!

Odette/Odile: Oksana Bondareva
Prince Siegfried: Victor Lebedev

Oksana was a beautifully talented Odette! The way she moved her head and body made it seem as if she were truly a swan queen – swan by day, princess by night. Of course, it’s her role as Odile that captured our attention. I counted 21 fouettes (but there may have been more) that she executed with perfection, applauded by the entire audience that she came to the front of the stage to “ballet curtsy” us. 🙂

It was such a pity, however, that there were not enough attendees. I am quite certain it is because the majority of Vancouverites are unaware that one can buy 1/2 price tickets from Tickets Tonight on the day of the performance. Mine was around $35 and I got to sit in the middle of the balcony. 🙂 It was certainly a delightful treat to see one of my favourite ballets for the 2nd time (my 1st time was 10 years ago, when the St Petersburg or National Ballet of Russia performed in Taipei).


Post 2010 Winter Games Depression

It’s Earth Hour today: 20.30-21.30 Don’t forget to turn off the lights (and unplug your cell phone chargers, laptop power cord, etc.)! This week… A flood of new tourists just arrived around Monday the 22nd. If Vancouver was fairly quiet during the Paralympics, it is now like summer!  Downtown is more populated and there are …


X Winter Paralympics

A toast to the 10th Winter Paralympics! Here’s to Canada’s first Paralympics Here’s to the Paralympics the world shall never forget. Here’s to the hope that it will be as much loved and respected as the Olympics. Here’s to our Paralympians who train as hard as our Olympians who have hope despite their impairment who …


Welcome World!

(Written: 01. Feb. 2010) Welcome to Vancouver – The Winter Games in a city like no other! But… it’s not really winter I hope you know, we don’t usually have snow. What a pity, but it is a mild city. Enjoy the Olympics and take lots of pics! Your expenses will be endless So be …


The world has arrived!

Vancouver-Olympics: What a dramatic change! Vancouver has never been so vibrant or international. It’s like summer again – you see all the tourists from around Canada and the world, you hear different languages and accents, and see cameras hanging from people’s necks.  Thursday the 4th was pretty quiet. Friday the 5th was when it all …


A Foreigner in Vancouver

I arrived in Vancouver on Monday, 21. Dec., at around 22h and got home about half an hour later. I didn’t end up sleeping right away. Instead, I unpacked and went to bed around 1am I think. Unless it was actually 2am? On Tuesday, I unpacked some more then left the house around 15-16h to …