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Halloween Cultural Costumes (My Thoughts);
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Halloween Cultural Costumes (My Thoughts)

Continuing on with my last post, the following is my personal thoughts and do not represent what other people of my background or those who share similar experiences think. About Me First of all, I’m a mixed kid with tanned skin, Asian eyes but multi-brown (many shades) hair. Some know I’m mixed, others see an …

The Controversional Halloween Costume Checklist;
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The Controversional Halloween Costume Checklist

A few years ago, while I was still in university, there was an article in our student newspaper on racist costumes. There had been some costumes I’d seen that I would definitely question but others that I felt were fine, though I knew that other people would find it too racist or controversial. The suggestion …

Recommendation du jour: The Saucy Milliner;
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Recommendation du jour: The Saucy Milliner

Mad about Hats!

Today’s (Oct 17) Vancouver Sun article features hats by The Saucy Milliner, a local milliner was creates couture hats and fascinators for women and recently, children (The Saucy Pups line).

These hats are fur felt hats blocked on new and vintage wood blocks in various shapes and sizes. Everything is hand-sewn and NO glue gun is EVER used for trimming the hats. Lots of hard work is put in precision cutting and sewing that every owner of a Saucy Milliner hat is sure to have the best atop their head. The same goes for fascinators made of horsehair, sinamay, crin, parisisal, etc. No glue gun. This is what differentiates the Saucy Milliner from other milliners based in Vancouver.

Furthermore, for those of you who watch Once Upon A Time, she was the real ‘Mad Hatter’ who created the Mad Hatter magic portal top hat. If that top hat isn’t something you can imagine yourself wearing, you may have liked her Princess Abigail riding hat in S1. 😉 Wasn’t it beautiful?

See the photoshoot by Abbye Dahl, featuring 2 fascinators and 3 fur felt hats. The Fabionacci is one of my favourites!

Show some love by voting for her website on the WordPress showcase and by following her via:

Facebook: thesaucymilliner
Twitter: @SaucyMillinerInstagram: @thesaucymilliner

I know you will love her creations as much as I do! 🙂


Once Upon A Time needs to do the Twelve Dancing Princesses!;
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Once Upon A Time needs to do the Twelve Dancing Princesses!

It would make me very happy if OUAT (ABC’s Once Upon A Time) could do a The Twelve Dancing Princesses / Swan Lake / The Princess and the Pea story. How? This is what I’ve been envisioning in my head: There are 12 princesses, daughters of a king from one of the fairytale kingdoms. Every …

What was life really like as a servant in the 19th-20th Centuries?;
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What was life really like as a servant in the 19th-20th Centuries?

Downton Abbey or Upstairs, Downtairs fans, I highly recommend you read this article by BBC: Servants – A life below stairs or the summarised (and Downton-related) version by the Daily Mail: Downton Abbey servants: New BBC series Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs. Many of us have fallen in love with the idyllic world …

Upcoming Period Drama: World Without End (2012);
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Upcoming Period Drama: World Without End (2012)

It’s actually happening! When The Pillars of the Earth series came to an end, there were talks of continuing Ken Follet‘s trilogy but then it promptly ceased until now. World Without End will premiere this autumn! I’ll have quite a few TV series to keep me busy this autumn! I’ll certainly miss the cast from …

Merida – a portrait of a typical princess;
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Merida – a portrait of a typical princess

Everyone is excited for Disney Pixar’s Brave which premiered on Friday, 22 June 2012. For me, it’s about history, folklore, Europe, Scotland, accents, costumes, scenery. But it appears, for everyone else, it’s about the new heroine, Princess Merida, who is Pixar’s first female protagonist. She’s a fiery red-head with tangled curls who’s everything but what …

Film Recommendation: Goethe!;
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Film Recommendation: Goethe!

Released: 14. Okt. 2010 Cast: Johann W. von Goethe – Alexander Fehling Charlotte (Lotte) – Miriam Stein Albert Kestner – Moritz Bleibtreu Length: 99 min. My rating: *****/5 😀 Synopsis: The true story behind Goethe’s best-selling novel The Sorrows of Young Werther (Die Leiden des jungen Werthers), regarding Goethe’s earlier years and his love affair with Charlotte B.  Comical mostly except …