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Post-Exchange: An Unpleasant Return to Vancouver;
Heidelberg, Travel, Vancouver

Post-Exchange: An Unpleasant Return to Vancouver

Meine liebe Freunde in Europa, My dear friends in Europe, zuerst muss ich sagen, dass ich euch VIEL vermisse! Die letzten Tage in Deutschland waren sehr chaotisch… Ich war in Muenchen von 24-26. Am 26. war ich wieder in Heidelberg, um mehr zu packen & zu putzen. Ich hatte um 3.30 geschlafen; am 27. war …

OBW Report: Dreams Come True;
Heidelberg, Travel

OBW Report: Dreams Come True

Home Univeristy: Queen’s University Host University: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg Period of stay: Sept 2008-July 2009 Eleven years ago, I first arrived in Heidelberg on a summery day in June. I was nine then, wasn’t interested in school nor the prospect of going to university – not to mention that I didn’t think I was smart enough …

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Place visited: Luxembourg City/ Stad Lëtzebuerg (capital) Royal Family: Grand Duke Henri (constitutional monarchy – the world’s only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy) Languages spoken: Luxembourgish, French, German Moien! So say the Luxembourgers for “hello” (same as Plattdeutsch spoken in Northern Germany and other countries). But it appeared that French is more spoken in Luxembourg for I …

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music…;

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music…

Ort (place): Salzburg, Österreich Tour: the official “Sound of Music” tour by Panorama Tours Datum (date)/Zeit (time): Mo. 27. April, 9.30-13.30 Hostel I stayed at in Salzburg: Yoho Int’l Youth Hostel (26. Apr.) “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…” So sang our tourguide, Trudi/Judy, a British lady with a British sense of …

On 24. April…;

On 24. April…

On 24 April 1854, 16-year-old “Sissi” of Bayern (Bavaria), married her 23-year-old cousin, Kaiser (emperor) Franz Joseph I of Österreich, and became the Kaiserin (empress) Elisabeth. 155 years later, April 24th, 2009, I arrived in Wien, Österreich (Vienna, Austria) by train for a weekend of discovery. Hostel I stayed at: Wombats City Hostel on Mariahilfer Str. (2 nights) …


Vienna: The Sisi Tour

Date visited: Sa. 25. Apr. 2009 Purpose: To explore the residences of two famous female inhabitants – Queen Marie Antoinette of France and Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of Hungary. Tour ticket covers: Schönbrunn (Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 47): Summer royal residence currently: museum ca. 50 min. guided tour Open: Daily 8:30-17:00 or 18:30* (times vary depending on …

OBW Weekend in Konstanz;

OBW Weekend in Konstanz

Place: Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Original name: Constantia (Latin) after Emperor Constantius Chlorus Geographical fact: borders Switzerland, separated by Lake Constance Interesting fact: NOT BOMBED b/c city left its lights on at night (WWII), thus fooling the Allied forces in thinking that it was Switzerland! University: University of Konstanz (1966) URL: www.konstanz.de Site of: Konstanzer Münster …

Grüß Gott! (Munich);
Munich, Travel

Grüß Gott! (Munich)

Place: München, Bayern, Deutschland City Motto: “München mag dich” (Munich likes you) Age: 850 years (1158-2008) Main religion: Roman Catholic City colours: black & gold Popular football club: FC Bayern München (a.k.a. Virginia’s favourite football team) Interesting fact: München comes from Old German “Mönche” (monks) Famous for: Oktoberfest Grüß Gott! (“Greet God” – a salutation …