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Asking for Forgiveness: A Visit to a Russian Orthodox Church;
Lifestyle, Munich

Asking for Forgiveness: A Visit to a Russian Orthodox Church

I visited the Russian Orthodox church in Munich this evening. I learned quite a bit from my colleague about: the significance of the church’s foundations/location (alter faces the east because that’s where the sun rises; we the people come from the west) signing/crossing oneself (3x, then bowing or touching the ground) kissing the icons (or …

Dachau, the Father of Concentration Camps;

Dachau, the Father of Concentration Camps

Dachau Altstadt is said to be a beautiful medieval/Renaissance/Baroquue town, but I didn’t have time for it this time. Unlike at Auschwitz, visitors to Dachau Concentration Camp do not have to be led by a tour guide but rather, go independently with an audio guide (which wasn’t even necessary, in the end). There weren’t very many tourists for …

Munich: Theatinerkirche;
Munich, Travel

Munich: Theatinerkirche

Fact of the Day: November 1st is Allerheiligen Tag (All Saint’s Day) and is an official holiday in Germany. Visited Theatinerkirche – St. Kajetan Kathedrale on Odeonsplatz. The interior of the cathedral looked as ornate as the interiors of the Jesuitenkirche St. Michael on Marienplatz.  Unfortunately, during WWII, only the two “towers” and the dome survived the destruction …

Munich: Bella Italia Restaurant;

Munich: Bella Italia Restaurant

Your recommendations du jour is… Bella Italia Restaurant This evening, I dined at Bella Italia, an Italian restaurant on Rosenheimerplatz.  Although the restaurant was very full, the manager invited us in and gave us each a glass of prosecco. We were seated within 10 min. and were offered another free item: ham on deep-fried…cracker? Overall, the menu …

Schwangau & Füssen;

Schwangau & Füssen

This month, I visited Schwangau, where the two Ludwig II castles are: Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. As I’d already visited Neuschwanstein 2 Octobers ago, I visited Schloß Hohenschwangau, the summer residence of Ludwig II’s parents, and later, that of his uncle, who acted as regent for his younger brother, the mentally ill King Otto.  There were only 3 floors for public viewing: …

The Longest Saturday;
Munich, Travel

The Longest Saturday

Places visited: 5 Time: 14:00-24.00 (roughly) Money spent: 17,50€ 1. Der Tag der Öffnen Tur (“The Day of the Open Doors” – i.e. Open House) Bayerische (Bavarian) Parlament (Parliament) Bayerischer Landtag Open: 10-18:00* special free admission on this day! Usually closed to visitors! Visited the rooms for the parties in the Bavarian parliament. Collected many free …