The Importance of Being Insured in Germany

Insurance = Versicherung

If there’s anything you need in Germany, it’s insurance. Health/medical insurance. Personal liability insurance. Property insurance. Pet insurance. Anything-else-that’s-important insurance. But most of all, you definitely need the first two I mentioned, especially once you’re in the country.

You can buy travel (medical) insurance prior to leaving your home country. A travel agent would be able to assist you in finding a plan for the duration of your trip. You can also check with expats (on Toytown, for instance) to see what the cheapest health plan would be in Germany. A personal liability insurance, on the other hand, is a little more complicated. No one in Canada seems to understand what it means. No, it’s not for one’s car or home. It’s a third-party liability insurance in which one is insured for any accidents he/she may cause. These include but are not limited to:

  • tripping and accidentally scratching a car
  • accidentally spilling beer or wine on a guest’s expensive outfit
  • having a leaking washing machine that ends up flooding the downstair neighbour’s flat

Since you cannot buy personal liability insurance while you are in your home country, the best thing to do is to ask locals and/or expats for the best plan in Germany. Five years ago, I made the mistake of not buying liability insurance because I thought my travel insurance covered it. It wasn’t until I had an accident eight months later when I realised how expensive and troublesome it can be without a liability insurance.

So believe me, the money spent on the latter is worth all the possible accidents that can happen in Germany.

Bon voyage!

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