XI Winter Paralympics Closing Ceremony

I woke up an hour early for the Closing Ceremony, forgetting that DST set the Pacific at 13 hours behind. The Closing Ceremony began around 20.00 MSK (9.00AM PT/12PM ET). I watched the Closing Ceremony on CBC’s Live Stream since the Paralympics’ Live Stream on YouTube was somehow 3 hours behind (however, it is live now).

This time, no one on my Twitter live tweeted the Closing Ceremony with me. Whether they were at church, or enjoying their Sundays, or focusing on the Crimean Crisis, I do not know. Nevertheless, I was determined to watch the Closing Ceremony to show my support for all Paralympians.

Early this morning (or morning and afternoon in Sochi), Canada won two more golds, taking the total medal count to 3rd place with 16 medals in total: 7 gold, 2 silver, 7 bronze. Chris Klebl won gold in men’s 10km sitting cross-country race and Brian McKeever won his 3rd gold medal in this Paralympics, in men’s visually impaired 10km race. (By the way, McKeever’s latest medal takes his total Paralympic medal count to 10! Congratulations, Brian!)

The Final Medal Count for Sochi 2014 Paralympics had the same countries in the top 3 as the Vancouver 2010 Paralympics:

In 2010, Germany was 1st, Russia was 2nd, and Canada was 3rd. What is incredible to me is that Canada was able to reach 3rd place after being in 8th and 4-5th place this past week. I have no doubt Canada will continue to excel in future Paralympic Games. 🙂

Recap of the Closing Ceremony in Tweets

(This was just before the Tetris performance.)

(I love this reminder. I was terrified for Aleksey Chuvashev as he climbed up the rope. It was 15m, apparently!)
Next came the Flag Bearers, whose names you can find in this list.

(I really liked the agitos to heart concept.)

(I certainly hope so!)

(The best? Or is that always the case for every new Paralympic Games?)

I assure you there were plenty of performances in the Closing Ceremony but I didn’t find very many tweets related to it. I have to say, I really enjoyed the South Korean operatic tenor’s voice when he sang the national anthem of the Republic of Korea. Also, don’t miss the calligraphy art of the South Korean painter. Simply fascinating!

Canada: If you missed the Paralympic Closing Ceremony, it will be replayed on CBC TV at 1PM local time (1:30PM for NT).

Vancouver: The Olympic Cauldron will be lit for the last time (until Canada Day) today from 4-6PM.

Welcome Home Your Canadian Paralympians!

Fellow Canadians, if you have time, take a look at this airport arrival schedule to welcome back our Paralympians! 🙂

My Suggestions for the Paralympics

My hope is that the Paralympic Games will one day be enjoyed as much as the Olympics.

I don’t know what steps need to be taken but here are my ideas:

  • Let the Paralympics start before the Olympics. (Although it might not make a difference whether the Paralympics starts before or after the Olympics.)
  • Or have a shorter gap between the Paralympics and Olympics (one week?). (Although this could be very stressful to rush through the changes needed to replace the Olympic logos with Paralympic ones…)
  • Broadcast the Paralympics live on TV. (This could be the case for some countries. Having replays a few hours later loses the excitement of live coverage.)
  • Educate students (primary, middle, secondary, college/university) on the Paralympics.
  • Former Paralympics volunteers will continue to spread the passion for the Paralympics to everyone.

Any other suggestions? 🙂

Спасибо и до свидания Сочи!

4 more years until the XII Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang!

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