Plasters for Blisters: Which is the best?

Today’s post is dedicated to saving one’s blistered feet/hands! I’d just bought a pair of new shoes – unfortunately, one size too small – and now my feet are taped up!

Look at my heels and you’ll see scars of blisters over the years. When I was little, we were given regular band-aids that were not very useful for blisters. Today, we are blessed with various types of blister plasters in different sizes. I’ve tried quite a few over the years and I can now recommend the best one to use!

Johnson & Johnson

J&J plasters

There are Advanced Healing Blister plasters from JJ’s in 2 sizes (toes – small – and heels – big). Ironically enough, JJ’s also carries plasters for cuts and scrapes that I find far more useful for blisters! They won’t come off as easily and they create this little ‘bubble’ to protect your blister from all the rubbing. Apparently they also prevent scars but I haven’t really paid attention to that. All I know is that my new blisters didn’t hurt and I had new skin in no time!

Tip: Go for the cuts & scrapes plasters.

Dr Scholl’s

Apparently there are 2 kinds of Dr Scholl’s. The ones I bought in Germany and in England (Scholl Blister Shield Plasters) have Hydra gel that protect the new blister (see pic #3). These come in a nice little reusable case in different sizes (2 small & 3 large OR 5 large). The ones that are available in Canada (Blister Treatment) are awful (see pic #4). They’re so thin, I may as well have put scotch tape on my blisters!

Tip: Buy the Dr Scholl’s with Hydra gel if you have them in your country or order them online. They’re worth it!*

*These are no longer in stores in Germany or in England. Try Amazon. Otherwise, Compeed also uses the hydra gel technology.


The Elastoplast blister plasters (see pic #2) come in a neat case (see pic #1) but are probably the priciest of them all. I recall seeing these in Germany too. Since I couldn’t find any Dr Scholl’s (with hydra gel) in Canada (nor had I ordered any online yet), I decided to spend a bit more on Elastoplast. It was worth it! If you don’t have Dr Scholl’s in Canada and you don’t want to order online, then Elastoplast is the next best blister plaster for you! These are better than the other blister plasters in Canada but they are not as protective as Dr Scholl’s Hydra Gel.

Tip: Either wait for them to go on sale (Shopper’s, London Drugs, Pharmasave, etc.) or spend the extra dollars/euros for these.

blister plasters

To prevent new blisters, I recommend applying a blister stick. These are some brands that sell them:

Another option is to apply lotion. 😉

Remember, at the end of the day, you want the best for your blisters! 😉