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Halloween 2012: The Tooth Fairy

This year I decided to dress up as a tooth fairy. I’m not very original in my costumes. There are only 4 things I can dress up as every year: Gretel (in my dirndl); Edwardian lady (in my 80’s evening dress); Medieval lady (in my ‘Medieval’ costume); and a fairy (in my blue cocktail dress).

This is what I did:

  • Wore a blue/black party dress from Le Chateau that I already owned
  • Wore a shark tooth necklace from Fiji from my friend
    Fijian Necklace
  • Bought butterfly party swirls from the dollar store for my dress and hairButterfly Deco
  • Bought fairy wings & wand set from the dollar store
  • Drew and cut out a picture of a tooth and stuck it on my dress

Wand & Tooth

Voila! Tooth Fairy! 😛

Tooth Fairy Costume

What are you dressed up as this year?

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