Euro 2012: Germany vs Greece – it’s about the €, not just Football!

Today, Germany will be playing Greece in the Euro 2012 QFs and many have already assumed Germany will beat Greece (I’m still nervous because that’s just me though I have faith in my team and trust they’ll make it to the semis). However, there have already been a flood of GERGRE / Greece / Grexit / Euro jokes on Twitter and in the news. Here are some of my favourites:

Germany v Greece- this time, on the football field! Timing couldn’t have been better; let the jokes begin… #euro2012 #gergre

Scenario 1: Greece wins over Germany. Merkel asks Greece to forfeit in order to get additional emergency loans. #GerGre #euro2012

Scenario 2: Germany wins over Greece. New PM of Greece calls Merkel in order to loan a match win. #GerGre #euro2012

Tja, tut mir ja Leid, liebe Griechen, aber am Freitag schießen wir euch dann doch aus der Euro #gergre
Well, I’m sorry, dear Greece, but on Friday, we’re shooting you out of the Euro (European Championship but a play on words with € – different article).

Then, there are the € jokes about PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain):

Prince William is 30 today. He said he didn’t want an expensive present, so one has bought him Italy.

@Queen_UK wouldn’t Greece have been cheaper???

@Queen_UK should’ve got him Greece, it’s on sale.

@Queen_UK @Le_bon_vivant_ apparently Greece comes free when you purchase Italy:)

Priceless! Of course, I realise this is 100% offensive to my dear Greek, Italian and Spanish friends but please do not think I direct this at you or your countries (I hope to visit them one day!) – they’re just political jokes and each of our own countries have done something embarrassing. What can we do? Might as well laugh!

Check out the BBC article on Greece v Germany – the Bailout Game. Isn’t the picture hilarious?!

It’s quite clear that Friday’s match has already been viewed as more of a political match. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t get messy! They say Merkel will be at the match!

You may be watching football today, but we all know it’s about the €!