Olympic Venues Visited Pt 1

Fact of the day: Canada’s flags – past & present


1. Atlantic Canada House – P.E.I. Day! (Granville Island)

Freebies: A scarf which I never got 🙁 Boo.
BEST: the PEI performance! Lots of fun, great music, and such warm hearts these musicians have! I REALLY want to go to Atlantic Canada – I feel like I should’ve been born there instead. Surprisingly understood 90% of the French spoken by Monique Poirier! Got to talk to Monique & Meaghan Blanchard afterwards!

2. Canada Pavilion (LiveCity Downtown)

Freebies: If you’re lucky, get an autograph from one of the Olympians! I received one from Rower, Sabrina Kolker!
BEST: Seeing Wayne Gretzky’s jersey, the hockey sticks from 1972 & the aluminium edition signed by Gretzky.

3. Manitoba Pavilion (LCD)

Freebies: toy polar bear (& a chance to win a trip to Manitoba)
BEST: Go write a “right” for people and pose with the sign! I wrote “Everyone has a right to BE THEMSELVES.”

4. Aboriginal Business & Artist Showcase (VCC d/t)

Freebies: None. I bought a natural salve for athletic injuries (& good for many other things too!)
BEST: Checking out the art & crafts & etc.! Go First Natives/aboriginals/indigenous! =)


It’s like Carnivale every day in Vancouver – and that’s how it’ll be for the next week and a half! It’s perfectly normal to see people dressed in funky costumes, wearing flags as capes and with faces painted/tattooed. In fact, on Sunday the 14th, my friend & I wore our dirndls to the Sachsen Haus (yes, I know, wrong Bundesland to do that ;P), and we were seen as performers – it was simply a novelty for the tourists/locals!

Now, just an announcement: I don’t have time to report on the Olympics (I am, myself, NOT updated AT ALL). I catch glimpses of some games when I pass by TVs and outdoor big screens, but otherwise, YOU probably know more than me!  What I’m doing here is to report on:

  • athletes I see
  • venues I visit
  • other info that you won’t get from the news 😉

Update: Regarding my last post on trying to find:

  1. a German welcome sign: I finally found at least 3 downtown! I had the biggest smile on!
  2. German team: Might’ve seen at least one, but who knows, he could’ve been a fan or some techy. I did get to visit the Deutsches Haus (not for the public) and speak German to sb. working there.

Please be patient as I’ve been spending most of the time outdoors and often don’t return til late. By then, I’m quite exhausted. Next time, I’ll be updating on:

  • Torch Relay: 11th & 12th
  • Opening Ceremonies & d/t
  • venues I’ve visited from the 13th-16th

My life/Ma vie/Mein Leben:

  • WORK: I finished work on Friday the 12th. It was the easiest day of the 3 weeks. We had a fire drill & spent at least 10 min. checking out the Torch Relay in front of the VHQ. I saw my ex-colleagues again on Tuesday the 16th at the Maria Pages flamenco performance (which was SUPERB, btw)!
  • OLYMPIC VOLUNTEER: I’m supposed to start volunteering in the International Dignitary Program on Friday…and the training’s on Thursday, apparently. But nothing’s confirmed yet so I need to call yet againtomorrow morning to see what the plans are. *grumble*
  • SUMMER:I was turned down the position as a camp leader for the Canadian Island School in Italy.
    • I need to reapply to the Cdn embassy in Grmy. But am considering staying in Vancouver to work…or maybe Quebec?
  • AFTER UNI: My last (& only) exam’s on Apr. 23. I graduate on Jun. 7. If I can’t go to France for the 2010-11 year, then I’ll go to Quebec (preferably Quebec City).

Weather: sunny & fairly warm