31 Days ’til the Olympics!

Tuesday 12. January – Friday 12. February

Day 75 of Olympic Torch Relay

Weather: 11C/7C, rainy/mostly cloudy


1 month to go: 2010 Winter Games outdoor venues trouble with weather: Cypress Mountain, Whistler Creekside, Whistler Sliding Centre, Whistler Olympic/Paralympic Park

Lack of snow on Cypress Mountain!

We’d greatly appreciate getting some snow from Europe & the rest of snowy North America! 😉

Temporary Street Closures during Winter Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies!(FEB 10, 12, 28 & MAR 12, 21)

Don’t bother driving, really. Take public transport OR cycle! There’s no snow or ice to deal with anyway, so be environmental &/or healthy! AND you save gas $! 😉 Just get used to some squishing around & don’t be selfish. Get to the back of the bus, make room for other passengers. Everyone wants to get somewhere & the drivers will make sure you get off at your stop (& if you’re so used to being rude, just yell, “Excuse me” ‘til you get to the door!).  Check out TravelSmart 2010 for public transportation (bus, skytrain, Canada Line, sea bus) directions & times.

Cycling map around Vancouver & bike lockers ($30/3 months)

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