On 24. April…

On 24 April 1854, 16-year-old “Sissi” of Bayern (Bavaria), married her 23-year-old cousin, Kaiser (emperor) Franz Joseph I of Österreich, and became the Kaiserin (empress) Elisabeth.

155 years later, April 24th, 2009, I arrived in Wien, Österreich (Vienna, Austria) by train for a weekend of discovery.
Hostel I stayed at: Wombats City Hostel on Mariahilfer Str. (2 nights)

Over the 3 days in Vienna, I saw:

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Albertina
  • Spanish Riding School
  • Wiener Rathaus (City Hall)
  • Parliament

…and visited:

  • Beethoven’s one and only opera, Fidelio, at the Wiener Staatsoper – standing seats are cheap but my legs and feet did get tired…
  • St. Stephensdom (cathedral)
  • Museum of Ethnology – didn’t get to see the Montezuma crown though! >:( BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!
  • Schatzkammer (secular & ecclesiastical treasuries) in Hofburg – you’re even allowed to take photos unlike at the Tower of London
  • ate Misch-Masch and drank Radler at Centimetre (Viennese cuisine)
  • Prater Wiener Riesenrad (Great Ferris Wheel)
  • Attended Sunday Mass at St. Charles Church – appalled that tourists were walking in during service and snapping photos. How rude!
  • Fluss Donau (Danube River) – one side was blue, the other was grey!

I met:

  • Michael M. (Queen’s U.) – caught up on what I missed at Queen’s
  • An old artist, Tiho (sp?), who sold me his ballerina art and wanted me to be his inspiration, “muse”, etc. for his next art works. I said I would probably see him again next year. “Maybe you’ll be married and have children…” was his reply.
  • A Macedonian whose name escapes me, who followed me and gave me a tour of Vienna. He wanted a picture with me but I refused – and made him delete a picture he did take of me. He was “upset” that I rarely spoke. My excuse was that I was preoccupied with wondering where Michael was (had the wrong #). Plus, I really didn’t feel like being social – nor being followed!
  • A gay Dutch photographer living in Paris, who paid me the loveliest compliment (fashion sense, looks, movement). We almost went to a cafe to check-out Viennese hotties. 😉 He said I fit in Vienna and should marry an Austrian.