Winter Break 2009 Plans in Europe

Hallo Vorleser (readers)!
It’s Thursday, and this will be my last day in Heidelberg for a loooooong time. By the end of today, I have to have all the details for my travels finalised. I’m a bit stressed at this moment because I still have half of my trip to finalise… Dresden’s the only well-planned out part, actually! :S
I leave you with my itinerary in case you’re wondering we’re I’ll be off to, what I’ll be doing, etc. When I’m at a hostel, I’ll have internet access, so I shall try my best to update you guys or to let you know that I’m still alive! I will also have my German cell with me.

F 27.2. – Leipzig, Sachsen – visit Bach’s Leipzig
– continue on to Dresden; stay with relatives for the weekend
Mo 2.3.Meißen – day trip
F 6.3. – leave Dresden for Olbernhau, ancestral home of my great-grandmother
Mission: to find ancestral home and graves of ancestors (if possible and still there)
– continue on to Prague, Czech Republic
Mi 11.3.
– see Phantom of the Opera ballet at the Prague State Opera house
Do 12.3. – leave Prague for Krakow, Poland
F 13.3.
– visit Friedhof (cemetary) “Cmentarz Wojskowy” in Northern Krakow
Mission: to find grave of grand-uncle, who was injured and died in 1941.
Sa 14.3. – tour Krakow a bit before hopping on Nachtzug (sleeper train) to Berlin->Hamburg
So 15.3. – leave for Hamburg – visit non-related rels again; stay ‘til the 21st
Mission: visit Friedhof O., resting place of maternal great-grandparents.
Do 19.Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein – famous for its Marzipan!
F 20.Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – visit Schloß Schwerin
Sa 21. – return to Heidelberg

Sa 28. – sign up for Max-Weber-Haus course // Mannheim – Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte opera
Mo 30.Sommersemester 09 begins! (Since I won’t be having classes on Montags & Freitags, classes will begin on Di 31. for me!)

Auf Wiedersehen and don’t worry, I’ll try to update when I can!
xox V