2-Month Break

Current weather: party sunny, partly snowy

Sorry everyone!
I’ve been pretty busy all of January, not to mention that on January 1st, my user account was cancelled, which meant NO INTERNET! Horrible, horrible month. I had a paper to work on and so much to check that it was really difficult to survive without the internet. I constantly went over to R.’s and Ju’s for internet usage. And now, I’m borrowing K’s user account until my account is reactivated (possibly at the end of Feb?).

During the month of January, I…

  • attended 3 classical concerts
  • wrote 2 exams (last week): Phonetics & [beginner’s] Russian
  • finished Wintersemester by Thursday, 29th
  • visited:

17.1.Bamberg, Bayern
Fell in love with the city almost immediately and decided to give my heart to it. Very picturesque!

  • Old Town Hall
  • “Little Venice” with its bridges and quaint houses
  • Kaiserdom (Emperor’s Cathedral)
  • Benediktinerkloster St Michael (Benedictine Covent)
  • Neue Residenz (new palace of the bishop)

24.1.Marburg, Hessen

  • Elisabethkirche (Elisabeth Church) – 1st Rheinish-Gothic building in Germany
  • Castle
  • Old Auditorium of the Uni

31.1.Strassburg/Strasbourg, Alsace, France

February has been pretty uneventful so far. I watched Stardust in German at the Marstall Cafe on the 2nd; attended the DAAD meeting in the Alte Aula (Old Auditorium); had dinner with my 2 flatmates (the newer one couldn’t make it) & talked ’til 2am.
But not to worry, here are the events that are happening this month:
Mo 16. – Mannheim – Strauss’ Die Fledermaus opera
Mi 18. – visit Schloss Bruchsal