Heidelberg Exchange Update (Oct-Dec 2008)

Guten Abend,

I can’t believe it’s already December! I’ve completely forgotten to update this blog – and instead, have resorted to Facebook and e-mails. Although it is much easier that way, I do need to maintain a ‘journal’ so that I can recall these discoveries and observations I’ve had during my year abroad.

So, it’s the first week of December and so far it’s been pretty good. I’ll just give a quick summary of what’s happened so far.

Mi 3 – watched ‘Dresden’ with my other Tandempartnerin (tandem partner). Such a depressing movie; I felt as if I were experiencing the horrid 13. Feb. 1945 Dresden carpet bombing. I had already read about the bombing through my Tante (Aunt) Hilde, who retold her experiences during the war. At the time of the bombing, she was still young and just had a baby. I’m amazed how my relatives even survived the whole ordeal! And to have the entire city in blazes! Schade (pity)!

9 – Attended a matinee concert in Stuttgart. Then went to the Canada vs Germany Ice Hockey match in Mannheim – Canada won, of course! 😉
? – Attended the International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg in Heidelberg. Watched Geliebte Clara (Beloved Clara), which is about the pianist Clara Schumann.
Sa 15 – Visited
Köln (Cologne) with the Excursion team, though this is my 3rd time to the city. Somehow, it’s always cloudy whenever I visit! Visited the Kölnerdom (Cathedral) & climbed to the top of the Turm (tower). Took pics with the human ‘statues’, both of whom kissed my hand (sort of, since they had silver face-paint all over them). Drank Kölsch, which is their beer.
F 21-Mo 24 – Visited friends in Lille, France! Kept ooo-ing and ah-ing in
Paris & Lille. Decided that I would marry a Frenchman so I could live in his beautiful country and listen to him speak the language of l’amour.
Mi 26Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt began – since then, I’ve had at least one cup of Gluehwein everyday!
So 30 (1. Advent) – Visited
Nürnberg (Nuremberg) – think Nazi rallies and Nuremberg Trials… but it’s also renowned for: 1. Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market) & 2. Toy festival. Visited 2 churches: St. Sebald & Lorenz.

F 31Halloween party – I was a Waldfee (woodland/forest fairy/wood nymph & also Cinderella’s – aka F. – fairy godmother).

Ok, das ist alles! Tschau!